April 16, 2017

Bible Text: I Corinthians 15:12-19 |

  • For believers, the resurrection is quite significant
  • The resurrection has to be personal, without it there is no reality of hope
  • Resurrection Uniqueness:  Jesus is Deity; Because death preceded and necessitated the resurrection; because it was part of God's eternal plan; no precedence-Jesus was the first fruits
  • Resurrection Necessity:  Proved that Jesus claimed who He said He is; Accomplished all that Jesus said He would do; To have a living faith; Fulfilled all Biblical prophecy.
  • Resurrection Logic:  As the Son of God, Jesus could not be held in the grave.
  • There is an urgency for us in regards to the resurrection; We have to come from an academic faith to a personal faith
  • That is why we celebrate a RISEN LORD!!!

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