January 8, 2017

Bible Text: John 8:12 and John 1:7 |

  • Jesus came to dispel the darkness-physically and spiritually
  • Jesus Is the Light of the World
  • If you do not accept that light, you will die in darkness
  • We are empowered by the Holy Spirit, and empowered to go out into the world in ministry
  • I may be the only light that a person sees to come to Jesus
  • I need to go and represent Jesus
  • God says-I Am that I Am
  • Do we really believe that God is God, that God is in control, and do I walk in the Light.
  • That Light will affect the way I dress, my language, my money, my prayer life, my music, my calendar, my worship, etc.
  • You will never find light in the world except through Jesus Christ.

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